5 Asian House With The Best Minimalist Design, Concept And Ideas in 2022 (Updated)

What is Minimalist?

The philosophy of minimalism, which emphasizes minimizing things to their most simplest form, is now widely understood. It may be used in a variety of settings, including arts and theatre, lifestyles, as well as architecture and interior design. Minimalist design is related to modern interior design in how it focuses on utilizing just the minimal necessities to create a clean, uncluttered environment. 

Simplicity, elegant, and a monochrome palette with colour utilized as an accent characterize it. It generally consists of an open floor plan, plenty of natural light, and efficient furniture. Minimalist design focuses more on the shape, colour, and texture of a few key elements. This was first seen as an interior design style in the mid-2000s and since then has grown over the years until now. The minimalist style of design strives for a light and roomy house with its clean lines and earthy tones.  

The crisp, clean, clutter-free, and monochromatic appearance of modern minimalist interiors makes them readily identifiable. The decluttering of space aids in the cleansing of the mind and the creation of a visual sense of peace. Some minimalist house designs, on the other hand, had the risk of seeming lifeless but peaceful. 

There are a few tiny touches you can add to avoid this, as well as to guarantee that your minimalist interior design area seems friendly. Here are some ideas for adding warmth and hue to your minimalist interiors, whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom, or living area.

So here is the list of 5 Malaysian houses with the best minimalist design. Concept and ideas;


Features Beautiful MUJI-Style Decor And Neutral Colours, This Fresh And Minimalist Home Enjoys A Quality Of Living.  

minimalist design

Project: Mirai House 2021

Designer: Mirai House

Location: Đà Nẵng, Vietnam

Mirai House is located in Vietnam. Emulating the sleek and minimalist look that we all recognize and love. The Muji style has popularized Japanese minimalism and sleek design, which has been popularized by the Muji style. It’s no surprise, because it’s a really appealing design that makes your house appear clean, fresh, and inviting. 

minimalist design

The dual tone between white colour and woody parts in the entire house design is essential for any MUJI style building. As a result, all MUJI design residences feature a large amount of white external space. 

The furniture, fixtures, and fittings are mostly made of warm wood, and the home’s decoration is mostly white and wood. A few odd decorations and potted plants spice up the space, while a smart home system installed makes life easier for the homeowners.

All images are taken from their own websites Mirai House


With Creative Rooftop Gardens, This Tokyo Compact House Creates A Vibrant Garden And Truly A Nature Paradise.

Project: Garden House

Designer: MAMM Design 

Location: Tokyo, Japan 

Tokyo’s dense population has had a significant impact on urban architecture, with close-knit, narrow buildings becoming the new standard. The Garden House created by MAMM Design is an oddity within the all-too-familiar environment of tiny rooms in the city, where street exposure is a rarity.

To prevent claustrophobic conditions, the architects divided the structure’s stationing into small boxes and positioned them at progressively higher heights, resulting in a sequence of terraced rooftop gardens.

The family’s daily lives occur both inside and outside their home, yet inside the privacy of their own space, to make a unified whole. The interior areas follow the same approach, with each zone flowing into the next with no formal separation pieces. 

All images are taken from their own websites MAMM Design


Elegance Terrace House With Earthy Tone, Minimalistic Interiors And Natural Daylight In Malaysia 

minimalist design

Project: Filtered Light House

Designer: Code Red Studio (CRS SDN BHD)

Location: Johor, Malaysia

The brief handed to the designers was simple but thrilling, according to the designers. A young couple wanted to renovate their intermediate terrace property so that they could utilise it for their own purposes. However, one of the major problems they faced was a lack of natural light, which was typical in Malaysian intermediate terrace housing.

minimalist design

The house has a perforated panel layer that works as a barrier and privacy screening for the occupants. In front of the living room, a porch has been built, with the main door on the side. This allows the main sliding door to remain open at all times, allowing for maximum air circulation throughout the rooms. 

minimalist design

The design’s primary tone is kept simple, with a focus on natural lighting. To complete the simplicity tone of this modern house, a mixture of white, timber, and concrete is used. 

All images are taken from their own websites MAMM Design

4. 92 / 69 (THAILAND) 

The Minimalist Design And Warm Tone Of A Muji Style House In Thailand That blew Netizen’s Mind.

minimalist design

Project: 92/69

Designers: MUJI Minimal Style by Sissay Group

Location: Bangkok, Thailand 

The MUJI style has had a significant impact on the house restoration sector in Thailand, particularly in residential homes. In other words, they adore MUJI style because it is simple, warm, and comfy. MUJI Minimal Style by Sissay Group recently shared their work on the internet, and many fell in love with it almost immediately. 

minimalist design

The dual tone between white and timber materials in the overall house design is crucial for any MUJI style building. As a result, all MUJI design residences feature a large white outside space. The grills and fences are all white as well. 

The appearance of wooden furniture in the living space will greet you as soon as you enter the property. All of the furniture, including the TV rack, dining table, cupboards, and table, is made of bright oak. To enhance the look, the flooring has a vivid wood grain. 

All images are taken from their own websites Muji Style by Sissay


A Practically Designed Modern And Tropical House In Singapore With Amazing Surrounding Evergreens. 

minimalist design

Project: Open Ended House 

Designers:  Wallflower Architecture & Design

Location: Central Singapore

After needing more space for their teenage children, a family of six in Singapore chose to relocate to a semi-detached property. The back of the house would be a preferable place for bedrooms because the front of the house faces the afternoon sun and the street. 

10 Greenleaf Drive; Singapore; Wallflower Architecture + Design

The house is created in a modern and tropical style, as requested by the owners. They desired a house that was adequately shielded from the sun, rain, and insects while also allowing natural aspects such as greenery to surround them. 

10 Greenleaf Drive; Singapore; Wallflower Architecture + Design

With its utilitarian design, the house is built to withstand the tropical climate. The residents will benefit from an abundance of natural light, excellent ventilation, and a breathtaking view of the surrounding flora. 

All images are take from their own website Wallflower Architecture & Design

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