Skincare Eczema Malaysia: Living With Eczema In Malaysia & 7 Skincare Eczema Brands In Malaysia

Skincare Eczema Malaysia – What It’s Like To Have A Skin Issue

“Scratch scratch.

What’s that sound?

Scratch scratch.


Stop scratching yourself, it’s bad for your body!”*

*An everyday interaction between my mother/my friends/my boyfriend & I

Source: Eczema Blues

Welcome to the everyday life of people with eczema: a skin condition whereby a person’s skin is severely dry, itchy, inflamed & cracked. 

Unfortunately for us humans, it’s a very common condition. It affects over 35 million Americans and 20% of Malaysians (2018) have been found to suffer from atopic eczema! 

Including the author of this article (I’m scratching my legs as I type this too).

What’s even worse is Malaysian’s hot & humid weather is an aggravator for eczema. Yay me & the other percentage of Malaysian eczema sufferers out there! 

Although it’s a common condition, I still meet people everyday who don’t know about this condition so let’s learn a lil more about this skin infliction. 

What is Eczema?

Source: burning-bibig on Tumblr

As I wrote earlier, eczema is a skin condition that causes a person’s skin to be super dry, rough, red, inflamed & cracked. Have you ever touched sandpaper? Crocodile skin? Yep, that’s how eczema skin feels like.

Not nice. 

Btw I looked up what eczema is in Malay and it translates to ‘ekzema’. Sounds like the name of a rock band. Or an edgy 13 year old’s username on CS:GO. Choose your fighter. 

If you noticed I mentioned that 20% of Malaysians suffer from ‘atopic eczema’, well I’m here to tell you, just like any other diseases, eczema comes in many forms! 

How wonderful!

Take your pick, eczema comes in:

  • Atopic

When your skin barrier is weak in protecting you against natural elements such as dust.

  • Contact

Upon coming in contact with certain materials, your skin gets irritated. 

  • Dyshidrotic

Small blisters on your hands & feets

  • Nummular

Meaning coin in Latin, this form of eczema causes coin-shaped spots to form on the skin.

  • Seborrheic 

Affecting the scalp causing scaly patches, red skin & dandruff. 

  • Stasis

Happens when fluid from weakened veins leaks into the skin thus causing the skin to be itchy & irritated. 

Of course it’s rare for someone to have six but it’s common to have one or more types of eczema affecting a person.

My Life With Eczema in Malaysia

Source: Tumblr

As someone who suffers from eczema since I was a child, I can tell you it’s been a literal hell of scratching, bleeding and more scratching.

Seriously, you’d think I was a dog or cat filled with fleas just by sitting next to me for less than half an hour.

As a child, it was always agonizing pain on bad flareup days. My lips would be cracked like a super-glued broken bowl. Not only aesthetically unpleasing but very very painful.

Opening my mouth wider than 2 cm would caused me to wince in pain. Imagine me at 7 crying because brushing my teeth was as painful as injecting needles into my lips.

I couldn’t speak properly because it hurt so I instead chose to just mumble or mutter (a habit I still carry on today despite eczema on my lips being healed).

Doing the kid thing and licking my lips after a delicious meal or treat would bear dire consequences the next day as that would also cause my lips to crack & blister.

From the age of 7, I was the only girl in my grade to carry a lip-balm in her pinafore pocket. It embarrassed me because If you’re using that lip balm, why are your lips still ugly & cracked? Teachers confiscated them, chiding me for being so vain at a young age until my mom yelled the school down.

Girls making fun of my pale & dry lips during bad flareup days. Granted primary & high school kids are cruel but like… shut up & mind your business (I never asked why your parents got divorced).

Always afraid whenever someone new holds my hands because who likes holding dry, flakey skin? (I am happy to report anyone who is good & kind will not give a damn.)

Growing older and during sexy times, apologizing to my partners for the scars, blisters & bumps covering my body (Again anyone good & kind or y’know with any sort of hormones. will. not. give. a. damn. especially if you’re naked. Especially if you’re naked lol).

Also, my parents having to spend hundreds or possibly thousands of ringgit to find that “perfect” product which won’t work or worse cause a bad flareup.

Most importantly preventing me from competing in sports or exercise. Cause sweat? Yeah no. (Also because I am lazy so let’s just use that as an excuse)

Enough of the sob story, you wanna know solutions for eczema and Woke has ’em for you!

So if you have eczema or know someone with eczema, what can you do about it?

Well, eczema has no cure, sadly. So prevention is key here, folks.

The motto for preventing eczema is this:

There is no such thing as too much moisture.

People with eczema must always keep their skins moisturized however perfume, certain chemicals found in creams, moisturizers, soaps & serums can aggravate eczema even more.

Lucky for you, Woke reader, we have compiled a list of 7 local Malaysian skincare brands with products exclusively for the fight of eczema!

Top Skincare Eczema Brands Malaysia – Cream Based

1. Claire Organics

What could be more natural than a mother’s love? A mother’s touch? How about a mother’s milk?

After giving birth to her daughter named ‘Claire’, Louise Chu realized how most of the baby products on the market contained harmful & harsh chemicals. Thus, Claire Organics was born.

Claire Organic’s soaps & skincare products are derived from mother’s breast milk, natural essential oils, shea butter, olive oil, oatmeal, and goat’s milk. Those will definitely help any eczema flare-ups.

Sensitive Skin Line by Claire Organics

Soother Balm (RM39/2 pieces)

Yummy Lips Intensive Lip Therapy with Rose Geranium (RM16/6g)

Skincare Eczema Malaysia

Mother’s Milk Soap (LIMITED)


Avocado Hydrating Soap (RM21/100g)

Luxurious Rosehip Face & Body Oil (RM59/50ml)

Claire Organic’s Flagship Stores & Kiosks are located at Sunway Velocity, The Gardens Mall, Publika & Sunway Pyramid. They also deliver online.

Website Facebook Instagram

2. Chomel

Eczema is typically diagnosed from the age of babies! So the hunt for suitable products start young. Unfortunately household name baby products still contain harmful chemicals. Don’t even get started on home cleaners & laundry detergents.

The founder of CHOMEL also noticed this problem and so the brand was born, specializing in household & body products catered to sensitive babies.

But don’t let the age thing scare you off, products for babies can sometimes be even better for our skin!

Products by CHOMEL

CHOMEL Baby Daily Lotion (RM34.90/500ML)

CHOMEL Baby Foaming Hand Wash (RM17.90/250ML)

Skincare Eczema Malaysia

CHOMEL Baby Fabric Softener (RM30.90/1 Litre)

CHOMEL Baby Laundry Detergent (RM30.90/1 Litre)

CHOMEL Baby Hand Sanitizer (RM8.90/55ML)

  • 99% Effective against germs
  • 100% Plant ingredients

CHOMEL ships throughout the whole Malaysia.

Website Facebook Instagram

3. Ch33ky

As moms of eczema babies, the founders of Ch33ky certainly know how hard the fight against eczema is. Luckily, they have tried & tested many home remedies to better equip us with the best weapons (products) in this battle.

Again, just because Ch33ky’s products are catered to babies doesn’t mean your adult skin won’t thank you for this all natural goodness.

Products by CH33ky

Miracle Cream (RM45/40g)

Skincare Eczema Malaysia

Baby Fresh Shower Gel (RM57.50/400ML)

Lavender & Tea Tree Glycerin Soap (RM35)

Chamomile & Mint Deodorant (RM35/40g)

Miracle Shampoo (RM57.50/200ML)

Ch33ky products can be found in selected stores & pharmacies throughout KL & Selangor. Online delivery is available.

Website Facebook Instagram

4. SoapLab Malaysia

If you’re the type to be skeptical about homemade products, this next brand will surely reassure you. As a pharmacist who has been working with Malaysia’s Health Ministry since 2018, Nisha (co-founder of SoapLab Malaysia) has always dreamed of creating a safe space for the public to learn about skincare… Like, literally.

Well, she has done just that with the creation of SoapLab Malaysia, a place where anyone can now turn their home into a ‘soap lab’ and make their own homemade skin products, Nisha the pharmacist certified!

However if DIY is not your thing, don’t fret because SoapLab Malaysia also carries their own line of au-naturale, freshly made products catered to skin conditions which Woke will be focusing on.

Fresshhh by SoapLab Malaysia

5% Pine Tar Body Cleanser (RM35/250ML)

  • Perfect for Eczema & Psoriasis skin

Green Tea Face Oil (RM35/30ML)

Guava Mango & Papaya Body Lotion (RM39)

Rice & Rose Facial Serum (RM39/30ML)

If you’re interested in their finished products or want to create some on your own, head on over to SoapLab Malaysia’s website now for more information!

With many blog posts containing tips & tricks about everything skincare, you’ll definitely leave the website more informed than before.

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5. The Soap Cellar

The Soap Cellar was established in 2011 in Penang as a small family business to supply Malaysians with great products for even greater value of money. And they’ve stuck to this notion ever since.

Not just another “homemade” store however as The Soap Cellar prides itself for making products exceeding international standard requirements. Why spend so much for overseas products when you can just sapot lokal?

Body Products & Oils by The Soap Cellar

All Natural Cooling Salve (Relax & Relief) (RM28/30g)

  •  Nurture and protect sensitive skin

Dark Transvaal Body Wash with Organic African Black Soap (RM23/250ML)

  • Helps to heal problem skins such as eczema and psoriasis

Lemongrass & Calendula Handmade Soap with Organic Shea (RM20/100g)

  • Recommended for dry skin, relieving itches and discomfort

All Natural Baby Soothing Oil (RM35/50ML)

  • Suitable for baby skin and sensitive skin

Orders over RM300 receive free delivery to both West Malaysia & East Malaysia

Website Facebook Instagram

6. Kopara

Another fellow Malaysian with Eczema, founder of Kopara, Natalie always had to be picky with her skincare products. Unsatisfied with most of the products on the market, she experimented and finally came up with a multipurpose oil.

Multipurpose because not only does it provide moisture to the skin, Kopara’s Golden Jojoba Oil also reduces acne, removes makeup, softens lips and wait there’s more: doubles up as hair treatment.

Kopara might have achieved the holy grail of skincare just yet.

Golden Jojoba Oil (RM88.50/50ML)

Kopara provides free shipping throughout the whole Malaysia.

Website Facebook Instagram

7. Kinder Soaps

Michelle Ho had just given birth to her lil gorgeous bundle of joy, Andrea when she noticed blotchy-red patches on her daughter’s skin.

Having eczema herself, Michelle immediately recognized those familiar sinister patches. Being a mother, she was determined her daughter would not have to suffer like she had and went on a hunt for natural skincare products.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), she couldn’t find anything after a long search and thus was born, Kinder Soaps! Everything you see in the shop is free from artificial fragrances, unnecessary preservatives, SLS, parabens.

Also not just focusing on eczema products, Kinder Soaps also makes products for normal, acne prone/oily, dry, hypersensitive skin. Kinder Soap of course has baby & children products too.

Michelle describes her brand best with:

Be Kinder.

Eczema Products by Kinder Soaps

Goat’s Milk and Patchouli (RM23/110g)

  • The soap that helped Michelle’s child’s eczema

Baby Bliss (RM70/100ML)

  • An unscented oil blend that’s gentle enough for even infants’ skin 

Double Duty Balm (RM30/25g)

  • Protects and moisturizes your lips
  • Smooths over patches of dry skin for instant relief from dryness
  • Works as a balm for diaper rash
  • Can administer on minor cuts and grazes

Teselli (RM35/100g)

  • Teselli means ‘solace’ in Turkish
  • Seek solace from troubled, inflamed or broken skin that seems to take ages to heal.

Teselli Body Souffle (RM92)

  • Offers more intense moisturization for extremely dry skin 

With such an inspiring story to boot, order now from this kickass mom from either selected locations or online now!

Website Facebook Instagram

Eczema Cream Malaysia

We hope this list of Malaysian Skincare Eczema was helpful to you as it was for us.

Eczema might be an ongoing battle for life (that is until they found a cure) but it’s comforting to know all of us Malaysians with eczema are not alone in this battle.

Stay safe & stay moisturize!

Katricia Lum
Katricia Lum
Will write for iced blacks and Panadols. Also if I'm not hunched over my laptop trying to meet deadlines, I'm most definitely sleeping.







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