10 Mattress Brands In Malaysia For A Perfect Night’s Sleep

A Perfect Night’s Rest – Or A Perfect Night-Mare? 

It’s been a long day at work. 

You’d just braved another tiring 9 hours, crawled through the long and annoying traffic jams, and finally, finally, found yourself stumbling into your home with fatigue in your bones and sleep in your mind. You shrug off your coat, dump your briefcase by the doorstep, and finally fall into your mattress for a comforting night’s sleep…


…only to awaken the next morning to a whole other problem. 

Shooting pain up your spine. Deep aches in your back. And suddenly your perfect night’s rest has turned into a perfect nightmare! 

The Problem With Mattresses 

When it comes down to it, mattresses can be both the bane and boon of a healthy night’s sleep. 

In fact, most chiropractors tend to agree that mattresses can cause problems such as back pain due to a myriad of reasons – they may be too firm, or too soft, or too cheap; or perhaps just long past their prime. And when you wake up with shooting pains in your back and dull throbs in your spine, that may be your body’s way of telling you it’s time to get a new one. 

But the mattress-buying process isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. A lot of times, different types of mattresses are made to fulfill different needs – and getting a mattress that isn’t compatible with your problems can sometimes only make things worse! But the thing is: how do you know what mattress might be the best fit for you? 

Thankfully, we at the Coolbears have compiled a neat and handy list completely streamlined to your mattress needs. So the next time you find yourself floundering in the world of mattress-buying, know that we (and your future mattress – hehe, bed jokes!) have got your back! 

Below are 10 mattress brands in Malaysia perfect for specific needs! 

For Those With Back Pain 

Back pain is perhaps the most common problem to emerge from sleeping on a subpar mattress. Sure, no one likes waking up with aches and pains in their back – but real troubles can arise when these pains begin to seep into your waking life and start to affect your day-to-day function. 

So then, what are the brands and the mattresses that can alleviate these pains? 

1. King Koil 

True to its name, King Koil is one of the kings of the local sleeping industry. 

Active since 1898, King Koil has since become a household name for sleeping products around the world. The brand determinedly operates with a single mission in mind – to produce high-quality, innovative sleep products that can give you the most restful, relaxing sleeping haven in the world. With their wide array of cozy sleep products that range from mattresses to divans to pillows, King Koil is certainly working doggedly towards that vision – and the field of spinal care is no exception. 

Extended Life Collection

Source: kingkoil.my

King Koil’s Extended Life Collection is a mattress collection specifically designed with proper spinal care at the forefront. Comparing four different models of mattresses, the Extended Life Collection is distinct from other beds in that it prides itself on being both Chiropractor Tested and Trusted by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA); with a bedding composed of 2.2mm diameter steel wires meant to perfectly accommodate natural body contours. The bedding will adjust accordingly to your sleeping form, and therefore help your spine lie in a healthy, natural curve. 

In other words – these are beds that will literally bend themselves to your needs! 


  • 2.2 diameter high carbon steel wire bedding to accommodate bodily contours 
  • Natural and eco-friendly 
  • Prevents fungi, algae, dust-mites and odors 
  • 15 years warranty 
  • Chiropractor Tested and Trusted


  • Slightly Expensive


Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Email

2. Dr. Alstone 

Dr. Alstone is a well-established name in the Malaysian bedding industry, and possibly even across the wider world. A passionate brand committed to serving their customers, Dr. Alstone cares deeply about the sleep health of it’s patron communities; and regularly incorporates the latest studied health technologies into their products to give you the healthiest and most comforting nights of sleep you could dream of! 

Dr. Alstone’s brand mission is quite the admirable one: to listen to, advocate, educate and craft excellent products for the sleep health of communities everywhere. As per their name, Dr. Alstone is a brand that prioritizes your health as well as your comfort – and is therefore definitely a company you can trust to relieve yourself of your mattress-induced back pains! 

Gabriel Chiropractic Spring Mattress/Tilam

Source: Dr. Alstone Official Shopee Store

Specifically, Dr. Alstone’s Gabriel Chiropractic Spring Mattress/Tilam is the perfect choice for sufferers of mattress-induced back pains. Of UK design and export, this medium-firm cotton mattress with a plush top design provides comfortable and supportive sleep experience; and is further equipped with a Chiropractic Spring Coil system specifically meant for improved back support. 

Even better: this mattress is easily purchaseable from the official Dr. Alstone Shopee store, with free shipping available upon purchase! 


  • 12 inches 
  • Chiropractic 6 Sides Titanium Alloy Spring System (Back Support) 
  • Anti-dustmite, -bacterial, and hypoallergenic 
  • Medium-firmness
  • 4 sizes (Super Single, Single, Queen, King) 
  • Free Shipping


  • Slightly Expensive


Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Email

For Those With Allergies 

Sleeper, beware! Even if your bed might be perfectly suited to your back, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily suited to your other needs – i.e. your allergies. Mattresses may breed allergens such as dust mites, mold, and mildew; which might trigger uncomfortable reactions such as sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. 

Thankfully, there are some hypoallergenic mattresses out there that would be ideal for those with allergies! 

3. Honey Mattress 

A company with sustainability in it’s focus, Honey Mattress is a local bedding brand that makes it’s mattresses out of environmentally-friendly, sustainable raw products. Equipped with almost 10 years of experience in the Malaysian market, this brand is prepared to offer you among the best services of the local bedding scene – and meet all it’s environmental responsibilities while doing so! 

Honey Mattress has a relatively simple goal for it’s mattresses to ‘become your preferred sleeping partner’. And with it’s eco-friendliness in mind? There’s no better option in Malaysia for a comfortable, high-quality, and environmentally-conscious mattress! 

Bamboo Series 

Source: honeymattress.com.my

True to it’s theme, Honey Mattress’ Bamboo Series is a mattress series made of sustainable bamboo yarn; a soft, warm, and comfortable material that will give you the sensation of drifting on a cloud above a forest of bamboo. The Bamboo Series is composed of three mattress types, all distinctly manufactured from a comfortable, thermo-controlled aloe vera bamboo fabric and coconut fibre. 

But the best news for sleepers with allergies is that both the bamboo fabric and coconut fibre are naturally odor-resistant, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and toxic-free – meaning you can sleep on a soft, billowy sustainable mattress without worrying once about your allergies! 


  • Soft Aloe Vera Bamboo Knitted Cover 
  • Organic Coconut Coir 
  • Odour Resistant, Antimicrobial, Hypoallergenic, Toxic-free 
  • 6-12 Years Warranty (Specific to Product Type) 


  • The super softness might be less ideal for back sleepers. 


Website  /  Facebook  /  Email

4. Getha

Founded in 1969, Getha is perhaps one of the country’s oldest and most prominent bedding brands. The brand hails from Malaysia, and seems to wear it’s local origins like a badge of pride – with most of their products made with 100% natural latex in almost an homage to Malaysia’s specialization in rubber and latex farming. 

Now a deeply-established brand in the local industry, Getha maintains a strong vision of sustainability and strives to help Malaysians with their sleeping patterns; with a huge array of bedding products that promise nothing less but the most comfortable, best, and unbroken night of sleep. 

ASP (Anti Static Protection) Mattress

Source: getha.com.my

Getha’s ASP Mattress is a firm mattress distinct not only for it’s naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite functions, but also it’s titular anti-static properties. This is incredibly conducive in alleviating our body’s natural static, which can be picked up every time we brush against something and released as an uncomfortable zap! when we come into contact with something conductive (i.e. a metal doorknob). 

Equipped with 24 hour Anti-static protection, however, Getha’s ASP Mattress can help disperse unwanted positive ions and provide you with a comfortable, static-free sleep. This, combined with the natural hypoallergenic and toxic free properties of it’s coconut fibre composition, will provide you an overall relaxed experience that will calm your nerves and ease you to rest – without triggering a (static or allergic) reaction once! 


  • Medium-to-Firm 
  • 24 Hour Anti-Static Protection
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, toxic free 
  • 4 sizes (Single, Super Single, King, Queen) 


  • The medium-to-firm firmness might not be ideal for side sleepers. 


Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Email

For Those Sleeping With A Partner 

Sleeping with your partner can be one of the best feelings in the world. The cuddles, the intimacy, the love and…well, the movement. 

Okay, listen; as much as some of us might love our partners, there’s no denying that sleeping together on the same bed still poses it’s own share of problems. And if your partner’s a particularly mobile sleeper, you tend to feel every jounce and shudder and creak of the bed – which isn’t helpful when you want to get a good night’s rest. 

So: what are the solutions? 

5. Origin Malaysia

Origin is a popular local bedding company that has your comfort and sleep quality down to a science. Priding themselves on their extensive sleeping research, their distinctive patented Origin technology, and their hybrid mattresses for maximized comfort, Origin has long perfected their high-quality mattress products to provide one of the best sleeping experiences in all of Malaysia – and is prepared to share their innovation out to the world! 

All Origin Mattresses are designed with optimal customer comfort in mind – and this, of course, includes that of those sleeping with their partners! 

Origin Hybrid® Mattress

Source: originmattress.com.my

The Origin Hybrid® Mattress is easily the brand’s pride and joy. A product of German origin, the Origin Hybrid® Mattress is distinct in it’s titular ‘hybrid’ nature; made with natural latex, cooling gel memory foam, and pocket springs all layered together into one product. The result is pretty much the best of three worlds – a back-supportive, highly adaptive, and non-toxic mattress that isolates movement and prevents you from being disturbed by your partner’s erratic sleeping patterns. 

So the next time you feel yourself startled awake in bed by your partner’s excessive movements, don’t resign yourself to the couch – because the Origin Hybrid® Mattress is a mattress that will resolve all your bed-sharing solutions and more! 


  • Hybrid Natural Latex, Cooling Gel Memory Foam, and Pocket Springs 
  • 120 Night Trial with Money Back Guarantee 
  • Low Movement Disturbance
  • Cooling Mattress 


  • Mattress is only 24.5cm (~9 inches) thick. 


Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Email

6. Wonderbed

Wonderbed is a bedding brand with a heart of gold. Catering to both Malaysian and Singaporean clientele, Wonderbed not only strives to satisfy all it’s customers through it’s professional practices and innovative, tested bed designs, but is also committed to a personal mission to reduce ‘homelessness and bedlessness’ in their patron communities. Their ‘Gift of Rest’ program demonstrates their determination towards this goal, in their practice of donating ‘one mattress for every ten we sell’. 

Aside from their compassionate motivations, Wonderbed also engages in innovative bed designs that not only last-long but also put comfort and function at their forefront. Buying Wonderbed products ensures you get ideal mattresses from a well-established brand – while also contributing to a noble goal as you do so! 


Source: wonderbed.my

The Wonderbed is an ideal mattress for those who share a bed. Equipped with the brand’s distinctive µ(micro) Vibration Technology™ as well as a cosy Contour+ layer, the Wonderbed is able to significantly reduce all movement disturbances across the mattress surface. In other words, all motion disruptions are absorbed rather than rippled over the mattress itself, and thus allows all sleeping partners a perfect, unbroken night of sleep. 

Furthermore, the Wonderbed is further equipped with a pressure-point supportive pressure-relief layer, as well as a fire resistant barrier to choke out fires before they even begin – which just lends an extra note of luxury and safety to it all! 


  • Cooling
  • Contour + Pressure-Relief Layer (Reduced Motion Disruption & Enhanced Pressure Relief)
  • Breathable & Durable Support Base 
  • Fire Resistant 
  • Free Delivery 
  • 100 Night Free Trial 
  • 10 Year Warranty 


  • Only comes in ‘Super Single’ and ‘Queen’ Size 


Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Email

For Side-Sleepers 

Not all people sleep the same way. Some sleep on their backs, some sleep on their stomachs – while others prefer to sleep on their sides. 

While this may come as a surprise to some people, people who tend to sleep in specific positions need certain mattresses to healthily accommodate their sleeping style. Side-sleepers, for example, have more of their body’s pressure points (e.g. shoulders, hips) digging into the mattress, and therefore usually require softer or medium firm mattresses for optimal give and spine-positioning. 

And so goes the question – what are the best mattresses for side-sleepers out there? 

7. Sonno

As they themselves put it, Sonno is a company that loves sleep. Harboring a deep passion for what they do and a devotion to the health of it’s customers, Sonno is a local bedding brand that strives to encourage healthy living through the promotion of a good night’s sleep – and is definitely prepared to see that goal through! 

The Sonno brand is one that prides themselves on their affordability as much as their comfortable catalogue of mattresses. With beds that are cooling, supportive, and deeply affordable, it is definitely a place to shop at if you’re looking for cheap but high quality mattresses. 

Sonno Original

Source: sleepsonno.com

While placed in the ‘For Side-Sleepers’ section of our list, the Sonno Original is distinct in that it’s actually ideal for sleepers of all positions; not just side-sleepers! This lies mostly in it’s composition – the Sonno Original is made up of three layers of natural latex, memory foam, and support foam, giving it a firm and all-around cosy texture that’s ideal for all kinds of sleepers out there! 

The firmness of the three layer mattress offers a perfect supportive experience for back-sleepers, while also being topped with a softer, plush, and comfortable medium-firm pillow top that will perfectly conform to the pressure points of side-sleepers. Furthermore, the hypoallergenic properties of the latex, as well as the weight distribution function of the support foam, make the Sonno Original the perfect all-rounder mattress; and therefore a must-buy in the world of bedding! 


  • Multilayer Mattress 
  • Fast Delivery Period 
  • 100-night Home Trial 
  • 10 Year Warranty 


  • Mattress is only 23 cm (~9 inches) thick


Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Email

8. Joey Mattress

A proud bedding company of local Malaysian roots, Joey Mattress is here to simplify all your mattress-buying problems! 

Recognizing the difficulty most Malaysians face when buying a mattress, the Joey Mattress brand was established with one key resolution in mind – to make mattress-buying much simpler, much more convenient, and much more affordable for the masses. Joey Mattress therefore channels it’s focus into giving you not just top-quality beds, but an amazing, online-only delivery service that brings all your mattress purchases right to your door. 

Overall: Joey Mattress is a bedding brand that believes in an all-around comfort for it’s customers; for both your sleep health as well as your mattress-buying convenience! 

The Joey Mattress

Source: joeymattress.com

The titular Joey Mattress is the magnum opus of the entire brand. The mattress is made from their signature, patented J-Foam material; a blend of polyurethane expertly optimized for the best pressure point relief and tension absorption. In other words, lying on your side on the Joey Mattress will give comforting yield and relief to your shoulders and hips, and allow you to relax on what feels like the highest height of luxury! 

In addition to that, the Joey Mattress has thermoregulatory properties as well as a comfortable medium-firmness; which blends softness with support for the comfort of both side-sleepers as well as back-sleepers! 


  • Medium Firmness 
  • Zero-Motion Transfer 
  • Thermoregulatory and Cooling 
  • Pressure Point Relief 
  • Free Delivery 
  • 99 Day In-Home Trial (Free Returns) 
  • 10 Year Warranty 


  • Mattress is only 23 cm (~9 inches) thick


Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Email

For Back-Sleepers

The back-sleepers are the side-sleepers’ opposites. Unlike side-sleepers, back-sleepers usually sleep flat on their back; and therefore require slightly firmer mattresses to ensure they don’t overly sink into the mattress and start slouching in sleep. 

However, an overly firm mattress may also prevent the back from going into a healthy natural curve – so a middle-ground is generally required for the best back-sleeper experience.

Let’s look at the solutions! 

9. Goodnite

A well-established bedding brand in both the local and international market, Goodnite is a company devoted to giving only the best of beds to it’s customers. This stems from their passion to provide comfortable, sleep-inducing products for all it’s patrons, and therefore improve their overall lifestyle by giving them a healthy, undisturbed good night’s rest. 

Equipped with 29 years of experience in the industry, various rewards, and a plethora of high-quality sleep products, this is a brand resolved to it’s vision of becoming a leading ASEAN bedding brand by the year 2025. 


Source: bedandmattress.com.my

Named after the faraway Greek Island of Tinos, the TINOS is a luxurious, 12 inch firm mattress that is perfect for back sleepers everywhere. Not only does it provide a delightfully firm sleeping surface for a healthy spinal curve, the mattress also specifically comes with enhanced spinal care and orthopaedic support; allowing sleepers to comfortably lie flat on their backs with minimal back discomfort or unhealthy consequences. 

The firmness and spinal care properties stems from it’s G-Posture Coil System and 3-Zone High Density Foam composition, all put together to create a supportive, back-sleeping mattress. And if you’re a back sleeper from West Malaysia, we have even more good news – Goodnite provides free shipping to West Malaysia for all it’s bed purchases! 


  • Firm
  • Anti-Dust Mite 
  • Anti-Static 
  • 12 Year Warranty 
  • 12 Inch Thickness 
  • Spinal Care and Orthopaedic Support 
  • Free Shipping To West Malaysia 


  • The firmness may not be ideal for side sleepers. 


Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Email

10. FibreStar

FibreStar is a well-established company throughout the world with about three decades worth of experience to it’s name. Well-known for their supply of high-quality fibre mattresses, this bedding company specializes in mattresses that are firm, supportive, and comfortable; allowing sleepers the lovely experience of a deep and restful night’s sleep. 

Priding themselves in their ability to make the perfect mattress for anyone, FibreStar certainly has no shortage of comfortable bed products under it’s catalogue; from coconut fibre mattresses to pocket spring mattresses to even things such as bamboo charcoal latex pillows and cushions. Whoever you may be, FibreStar seems to have the perfect bed product for you! 

FibreStar Pocket Spring Mattress In A Box

The Nourishy, one of Fibrestar’s Pocket Spring Mattress In A Box.
Source: fibrestar.com.my

As briefly mentioned above, the Pocket Spring Mattress In A Box is one of the stars of the FibreStar catalogue – and it’s certainly not difficult to see why! 

The Pocket Spring Mattress In A Box gets it’s title from it’s distinctive, using the supportive benefits of pocket springs and the comfort of foams to provide you an overall good sleeping experience. It is suited for all body types and sleeping positions while keeping the spine in a good position.

Another distinctive feature of the mattress is it is zero-motion transfer. It suppresses movements on the mattress, making it a good option for those who are sleeping with a partner as well. In other words – FibreStar’s Pocket Spring Mattress In A Box is definitely ideal for a healthy, comfortable, and overall cooling night of sleep! 


  • Firm
  • Pocket spring mattress 
  • Zero-motion transfer


  • The firmness may not be ideal for stomach sleepers. 


Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Email


Your sleeping health is crucial to a good night’s rest, which in turn is crucial to the quality of your overall health. Therefore, it’s important to take the act of mattress-buying seriously – and find trusted mattress brands in Malaysia that meet all of your specific needs!

Interested in reading more from The Cool Bears? Find us here!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is it important to have one of the good quality mattress brands Malaysia?

Yes, of course! It is important for you to have a good quality mattress. Not only does it alleviate symptoms like back aches and sore muscles, but it can also assure you get good sleep. Having a healthy sleep routine with a good mattress can also help to lighten your mood as you wake up, because you won’t be in pain.

2. Can I order mattress brands Malaysia through online?

Most of these mattress brands allow you to purchase your mattress online. You can have it delivered right to your doorstep or arrange for a shipment to your home along with installation. It’s best for you to find out according to the mattress brand you choose.

3. How do I know when it’s time to change my mattress brands Malaysia?

It is important to know how you feel when you sleep at night. If you have had your mattress for over a decade and can feel the springs when you sleep, it’s recommended that you change it then. Whenever you feel discomfort and unease once you wake up from your slumber, you should consider changing it. Most sleep specialists recommend people to change their mattresses within 5 to 7 years.

4. How long will a mattress brands Malaysia last?

It depends on the type! Most inner-spring mattresses last for 5 to 8 years depending on their durability. Meanwhile, memory foam mattresses can last you up to 10 years! Make sure to consider your comfort and other factors when you purchase a mattress as your sleep is very important.

5. Is a firm mattress from mattress brands Malaysia the best choice?

That depends on your needs. Sometimes, mattresses that are too firm can cause back pain and aches and can also affect your lower arch area. Therefore, you are recommended to check if you prefer softer mattresses such mattresses that are made of latex, memory foam, gel-infused foam, or polyfoam.

6. What are the advantages of using one of the memory foam mattress brands Malaysia?

Memory foam mattresses have a plethora of advantages for people who use them. Usually, one memory foam mattress is built soft and very energy absorbing. In response to heat and pressure, memory foam conforms to the body, and evenly distributes body weight. Once the pressure is released, it resumes its former shape. These characteristics make memory foam mattresses incredibly pleasant to the people who lay on those mattresses.

7. How do mattress brands Malaysia such as orthopedic mattresses ensure the comfort of my spinal bone?

The purpose of orthopedic mattresses is to support the spine’s alignment requirements. They achieve this by utilising a variety of materials, such as latex or memory foam, which conform to the body and offer support. The way orthopedic mattresses function is by supporting the spine and joints. This support aids in maintaining proper spinal alignment, which lessens pain and enhances sleep.

8. What are the aspects that I should really consider before buying mattress brands Malaysia?

There are some aspects that you should really consider before buying a mattress. Firstly, you should consider your budget. After that, you should identify the way you sleep (sleeping position). Besides that, you should take your type of body and tall into consideration before buying the mattress. Last but not least, it is important too that you look for the material of mattress that you are mostly preferred.

9. What are different types of mattress brands Malaysia?

There are many types of mattresses in the market, whether you have noticed them or vice versa. Below are types of mattresses that different from each other:
·        Innerspring
·        Hybrid
·        Memory foam
·        Gel-infused foam
·        Polyfoam
·        Latex

10. What are the common problems that people have been going through if they have been using the usual mattress brands Malaysia?

We want our spine to be in a neutral position as we sleep, which puts the vertebrae in alignment and relieves unnecessary pressure on the discs. However, many mattresses don’t offer enough support for the spine, which leads to misplaced vertebrae. Pain, stiffness, and other issues may result from this.

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