Baby Hampers in Malaysia: Top 3 Places to Find Them

Back in my childhood days, I used to get so excited just by hearing the word ‘school holiday’ knowing that I’ll be able to meet my relatives in my hometown. Nothing beats the feeling of getting to meet and eat vegan dishes with my loved ones, especially my cousins. Now, most of us have grown up and some of us already have kids. As an aunt to my nephews and nieces, of course, I want to do the best for them. I want to embrace them in my arms and give them all my love. On the other hand, with the number of COVID-19 cases rising every day, I don’t think I can meet my newborn nephews and nieces anytime soon. Despite everything, I’m glad that I found baby hampers in Malaysia online. I can now send baby essentials and gifts to my little nephews and nieces whenever and wherever I am. If you are planning to buy something special for your little ones, check out this list to find out websites that sell the best baby hampers in Malaysia.

Source: Little Diary

Little Diary

Little Diary is my go-to when it comes to buying baby hampers in Malaysia. If you are one of my kind, people who buy everything in bulk, you will absolutely love this online shop. I don’t like visiting a shop frequently just to purchase one item. I’ll usually make a list of things that I need and buy everything at once. If you resonate with me, consider purchasing baby hampers from this shop. One of their bestsellers, ‘Baby Hamper Gift Set – J122 (Premium Postnatal Set + Premium Quality Starter Set)’ is one of my favourite baby hampers. In this hamper set, there are essentials not only for the baby but also for the mother.

Items in the hamper mentioned above:

For the baby

  • Kidz Teddy Soap
  • Gauze Undershirt 
  • 6 Pieces Antibacterial Cotton
  • 2 Alumina Packs Cleaning Cotton 
  • Handkerchief
  • Bath Towel
  • Sweat Pad
  • Baby Glove (1 pair)

For the mother

  • Herbal Bath
  • Feminine Herbal Wash
  • Herbal Tea 
  • Herbal Massage Oil
  • Cold Press VCO Coconut Oil
  • Brown Formulation Body Soap
  • Binder
  • Boreh Body Scrub
  • Calming Herbal Blend Paste
  • Firming Herbal Blend Past


Hamper: RM99.00 – RM1888.00

Shipping: Free shipping with purchases above RM99 (for West Malaysia) & Same Day delivery for Klang Valley is available (Charges by area)


Source: Bloomhouse


The pandemic is not only affecting us emotionally and physically but also financially. A lot of people lost their jobs and businesses solely because of the pandemic. To those who are struggling financially but want to give something special for their beloved little ones, I recommend this online shop. Their baby hampers don’t exceed RM 200.00 and there are a lot of choices. You can choose whether to purchase baby-essentials-only hampers or essentials and toys hampers. Let’s say that you are in Selangor and you wish to give something memorable for your little girl in Perak. You might be interested in purchasing their ‘NB 104 Super Cutie’ hamper. This hamper has the main baby essentials and a cute unicorn soft toy. You may rest assured your little girl will be sleeping with a toy that will be precious to her. 

Items in the hamper mentioned above:

  • Baby Clothing Set (Baby Shirt, Baby Pant, Baby Bib)
  • 2 Milk Bottles
  • Baby Feeding Bowl with Spoon
  • 1 Baby Saliva Towel 
  • Soft Toy

*All packed in an elegant basket with a bouquet.


Hamper: RM 150.00

Shipping: RM 0.00 – RM 40.00 (for Peninsular Malaysia only)

Source: Zalora


Did you think Zalora only sells clothes and accessories? Well, you are wrong, they also sell baby hampers in Malaysia. If you love to post pictures of your little ones on Instagram, get ready with cameras because Zalora is ready to serve your little ones with Instagrammable outfits. Zalora’s ‘Akarana Baby – Baby Hamper Gift Set’ has my favourite bamboo baby muslin blanket. What is more, my cousin wrapped her daughter with this blanket like a sushi roll and sent me a picture of it and it was enough for me to keep smiling for a whole week. I mean, who wouldn’t feel happy seeing that? So, trust me, buying this baby hamper from Malaysia will be the best decision you have ever made in your life. 

Items in the hamper mentioned above:

  • 4 Cotton Muslin Washcloths 
  • Cotton Baby Sleep Simplified Organic Bundle (Mittens & Booties, Baby Hat and Sleeping Bag)
  • 1 Baby Security Blanket Animal Alphabet Stroller Crib Hanging Toy 
  • 1 Bamboo Muslin Blanket 


Hamper: RM 149.00

Shipping: Free to all parts of Malaysia

Lastly, my favourite hampers out of these three shops would be from Little Diary and Zalora. I will purchase baby hampers from Little Diary for new moms and moms who don’t have the baby essentials but if I just want to see my nephews and nieces in a cute outfit, I will prefer Zalora. You might have fantasized about spending some time with your little ones and playing with them. At the same time, this COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t allow you to connect with them face-to-face. Hence, that is why I came up with this list so that you can send love and support to your little ones indirectly by giving them these hampers. I hope that my baby hampers in Malaysia recommendations will be beneficial for you and your little ones.

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