Pamper Yourself With These 5 Online Malaysian Beauty Brands in 2022 (Updated)

Online Beauty Shop Malaysia

In these trying times of the current COVID-19 pandemic, The Cool Bears aims to help fellow Malaysians in keeping with our current MCO movement of “just stay at home” by providing helpful articles on where to get necessities, food and even items for some good ol’ self-care pampering at home. 

Many of us worry about what this pandemic will do to the country’s economy and this is no better time to support our local brands to help a weakening economy. 

Anyway, you probably didn’t come here to get lectured on economics but to see our list of online beauty shops in Malaysia. Who said you can’t maintain a perfect appearance even while indoors?

For All Natural Body Care

Beauty products we can typically find on store shelves that we apply directly onto our skin contain many harmful ingredients and unnecessary additives. This only further causes irritation especially if you suffer from sensitive skin or skin diseases. 

Fortunately these Malaysian beauty brands noticed this dilemma beauty consumer faced and decided to take matters into their own hands and come up with all-natural beauty products for the face, body and everywhere else!

1. Earth Care

Handcrafted with only eco-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients, Earth Care are made through traditional cold process methods to retain the benefits of each ingredient. Their soaps are formulated with a base of extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and castor oil. Then glycerin is retained which is the ingredient that helps soap moisturize our skin. A few dollops of oils like rosehip oil or Japanese camellia oil is added for extra moisturizing and hydrating effect. 

Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Earth Care’s Face & Body Soaps (RM19-RM28/100g)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Earth Care also makes custom soaps, starting from RM140-RM180/kg
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Earth Care’s Face Mask-Scrubs (RM22-RM25/100g)

Not only just carrying body care products, Earth Care carries its own range of natural insect repellent, hair treatment oil and baby powder. 

Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Earth Care’s Bugbusters Herbal Insect Repellent Balm (RM20/30g)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Earth Care’s Hair Treatment Oil (RM40/50ml)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Earth Care’s award-winning Natural Baby Powder (RM32/120g)

Earth Care prides themselves as a beauty brand with no paraben, no artificial surfactants, no phthalates, no petroleum, no animal wax, no alcohol, no synthetic colours & fragrances and no other forms of toxic chemicals & preservatives.

Order now through Earth Care’s Facebook!

2. Lave Republic 

As a child, we always had a weird longing of wanting to bite or taste bar soaps. 

Well, we’re here to tell you, you still can’t do that but Lave Republic’s soaps certainly add to the temptation!

Online Beauty Shop Malaysia

Their soaps all look delectable food & desserts and are also handcrafted of even yummier ingredients like coconut, coffee, parsley, mango and black tea. 

Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Lave Republic’s Soap Bars (RM15)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Lave Republic’s top-selling Pomegranate Raspberry Yogurt (RM12.50)

Lave Republic also makes shampoo bars catered to anti-dandruff, hair fall and conditioners. They even have sulfate-free ones! Now, not only are they an online beauty shop in Malaysia that sells soap bars – but also shampoo bars, something unique that you can’t find elsewhere!

Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Lave Republic’s Two Sides Shampoo Bar (RM15)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Lave Republic’s Dandruff-Who Shampoo Bar (RM15)

They also carry a range of body scrubs and body butter bars. 

Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Top: Lave Republic’s Puffy Footy (RM15)
Bottom (L-R): Lave Republic’s My Cup of Tea (RM15) & Cleopatra Pomegranate Body Butter Bar (RM18.50)

Order now through Lave Republic’s website!

For Makeup

For Vegan & Cruelty-free Makeup

Keeping with the all-natural ingredient theme, the makeup you put on your face should also be free from harmful ingredients! That’s how you maintain that flawless glow.

Luckily for us, a few Malaysian makeup brands have adopted a vegan, cruelty-free and even halal-certified stance when it comes to their products and we are happily willing to hand our moolah to them!

1. Orkid Cosmetics

With halal-certified, vegan & cruelty-free products, Orkid Cosmetics make their products solely in Malaysia. Each ingredient used in their products are sourced locally too so it’s definitely purely homegrown Malaysian. Their bestselling product is their Matte Suede liquid lipsticks, definitely guaranteed to not dry your lips out, smudge or transfer!

Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Some of Orkid Cosmetics’ Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick shades
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Models are wearing Orkid Cosmetics’ Matte Suede Lipstick in Slay Hue (RM49)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Models are wearing Orkid Cosmetics’ Matte Suede Liquid Lipsticks in Turnt (RM49)

When looking for an online beauty shop Malaysia, you can’t miss our Orkid Cometics! Get yours today through Orkid Cosmetics’ website!

2. Les Cosmetics

Adventurous. Bold. Edgy. is the woman who wears Les Cosmetics or so it’s told by founders & local influencers, Cherrie Mun & Evangeline Yan.

Online Beauty Shop Malaysia

The brand carries liquid lipsticks that are vegan, fragrance-free & cruelty-free. Formulating their lipsticks in Italy, each of them contains jojoba oil & passiflora oil to ensure your lips stay moisturized & hydrated throughout the day.

Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Les Cosmestics’ Matte Liquid Lipsticks (RM79)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Les Cosmestics’ Artless Matte Liquid Lipstick in #022 (RM79)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Les Cosmestics’ Artless Matte Liquid Lipstick in #003 (RM79)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Les Cosmestics’ Artless Matte Liquid Lipstick in #209 (RM79)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
Les Cosmetics’ Artless Matte Liquid Lipstick in #001 (RM79)

Get all 4 shades through Les Cosmetics’ website!

For Skincare

For All-Natural Skincare

When it comes to skincare products, you might think the consensus is that all products should be harmless and free of irritating ingredients right?

Sadly no, many skincare products out there contain harmful ingredients like alcohol that will surely leave you with more blemishes than, to begin with.

Fortunately, we found a homegrown Malaysian skincare brand that prides itself for being one that only carries products with non-toxic and the freshest ingredients.

1. The Raw Rebel

With some formulations & remedies passed down through generations, The Raw Rebel ensures every ingredient added to their product is backed by science. All their products go through a strict testing process so customers don’t have to worry about it being a gimmick.

Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
The Raw Rebel’s Tumeric Trickster Face Mask (RM49/100g)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
The Raw Rebel’s Face It Cleansing Bar (RM8/40g)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
The Raw Rebel’s Malevolent Mulberry Liquid Cleanser (RM54/100ml)

Not only do they have your typical skincare products but they also carry products for haircare & tattoo aftercare.

Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
The Raw Rebel’s Hair Loom Hair Oil Treatment (RM85/50ml)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
The Raw Rebel’s Honey Bee Solid Conditioner (RM46)
Online Beauty Shop Malaysia
The Raw Rebel’s Inksmith Balm for tattoo aftercare (RM30/30g)

Order now through The Raw Rebel’s website!

We hope after reading this list you got a new insight into online beauty shop in Malaysia.

Remember, to stay safe and stay at home!

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Katricia Lum
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