5 Online Pharmacy Stores in Malaysia That Delivers To Your Home

Online Pharmacy Malaysia

In these trying times of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Teh Talk aims to help fellow Malaysians in keeping with our current MCO movement of “just stay at home” by providing helpful articles on where to get necessities, food and even items for some good ol’ self-care pampering at home.

Many of you might have seen the Malaysian masses panic-buying to stock up not only on medicine, health products and anything else pharmaceutical-related.

Please don’t be a hoarder and remember, you might be in a privileged position to afford to buy multiple products at a time but think of the less fortunate who might need those products in an emergency but are unable to purchase any due to everything being out of stock.

It’s best to buy the (estimated) amount you’ll need in these 3 weeks. But sometimes things happen and you might need to get more supplies. As the MCO restrictions get stricter, it might not be viable for you or a family member to leave the house.

That’s when the beauty of online delivery comes in! Many online pharmacies in Malaysia will now deliver their products right to your doorstep.

1. Caring Pharmacy 

Online Pharmacy Malaysia

Already having more than 120 outlets in Malaysia, you might already know this famous Malaysian pharmacy chain. There’s probably one (or more) in your area. 

But did you know apart from their retail brick and mortar stores, Caring Pharmacy also does online delivery? 

Their e-store sells the usual arrangement of health supplements and over the counter medicine for mild sicknesses like flu, cough and fever to haemorrhoids and laxatives. 

Delivery options: Home (3-5 working days) & Collection at selected outlets (3 to 7 working days)

Exchange policy: Within 7 days

Available on: Website, Google Playstore, Apple Appstore

2. BIG Pharmacy 

Online Pharmacy Malaysia

Touting themselves as the biggest yet affordable pharmacy retail chain in Malaysia, BIG Pharmacy definitely provides a wide selection of products a pharmacy possibly can. 

From organic food to baby milk powder to breast enhancers (uhhh we’re not too sure about this), you won’t ever have to leave your house for supplies again. 

Delivery options: Home (5 working days) & free shipping for orders over RM50 

Exchange policy: Within 7 days 

Available on: Website, Google Playstore, Apple App Store

3. iCare Pharmacy 

Online Pharmacy Malaysia

“Biggest healthcare store on the web” is iCare Pharmacy’s motto and we can’t argue with that! 

iCare Pharmacy sells the usual array of pharmacy products like health supplements, personal care products, first aid kits and medical devices to even confinement hampers.

Delivery options: Home, free shipping for orders over RM250 

Exchange policy: Non-exchangeable or returnable 

Available on: Website only

4. Watsons Pharmacy 

Online Pharmacy Malaysia

Every girl’s favourite place in shopping malls to go for their beauty & skincare products, Watsons Pharmacy also offers a more convenient (and safer) route to your doorstep. 

This is an especially better way of stocking up on your needed products than heading over to your nearest Watsons outlet and finding them out of stock! 

If you’re a Watsons member, look up for deals via their online store. 

Delivery options: Home (5-7 working days), Collection at selected Watsons stores 

Exchange policy: Within 3 days of receiving an order

Available on: Website, Google Playstore, Apple App Store

5. DoctorOnCall

Online Pharmacy Malaysia

Usually, online pharmacies just sell over the counter medicine due to government restrictions & regulations. Of course, if you are severely sick, we recommend you going to a clinic or hospital right away. 

But what if you live alone and are too sick to drive to the nearest medical centre? Sure you could take a Grab but in this pandemic time, it’s best not to be selfish and infect an innocent person now. 

And some of us might dread the long waiting times a doctor’s visit usually brings. 

That’s when DoctorOnCall comes in to save the day, acting as an online pharmacy and also an online clinic!

Not only do they provide doctor’s consultation via chat, phone call or video call, you can also order prescription medicine.

Online Pharmacy Malaysia

If you’re worried about it being some dodgy black market scenario, DoctorOnCall assures all customers and patients that all their doctors & medicine have been registered with the Ministry of Health. All their medicines have a registration number which you can crosscheck on www.pharmacy.gov and all their doctors have at least 6 years experience. 

Online Pharmacy Malaysia

It’s like a hospital at your fingertips!

Keeping with Woke’s mental health awareness, DoctorOnCall also sells prescription antidepressants like Prozac, Brintellix, Zoloft and others. 

DoctorOnCall also sells sexual health-related medication like morning-after pills and Viagra which we think is pretty cool and convenient

Delivery options: Home, 2 hours within Klang Valley, 1-3 working days for the rest of Malaysia

Operating hours: 8am – 12am, everyday including public holidays

Delivery charge: RM10 

Available on: Website only

Pharmacy Delivery Malaysia

We hope you found this list of online pharmacies in Malaysia helpful especially in this time of need. Remember, to stay safe and stay at home!

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