Pentest Malaysia: Top 5 Best Pentest Companies in Malaysia

What Is Penetration Testing

Penetration testing consists of ethical hackers Penetration testing also known as pentest is a security practice that takes place by pen tester and cyber security experts to detect and discover any weakness in a computer system. It is something like an invigorating attack to find out any vulnerabilities in a computer defence structure which hackers and cyber criminals could use to their advantage. By doing penetration testing, it is productive in detecting the slightest form of exposure to a security breach before anyone else, especially hackers and cyber criminals. But it’s not just by securing the system, penetration is very detailed and a well built structure and formulas that includes several processes and strategies to archive and secure a company’s security protocols. 

Who Does Penetration Testing

It is highly recommended for a company to have a pen test expert and professionals out of the industry with no prior information of the system, in order for the pen test conductors to detect any undetected weak spots that are missed by the system builders. Due to this an outside contractor will be conducting the testing. Basically these contractors are the ethical hackers, they are the authorized team that does the hacking service through the system with the objective of enhancing the security system.  Majority of the contractors are well experienced developers that have a degree and verified certification for penetration testing. There are few ethical hackers that are self knowledgeable and have the skill without any educational background. Some ex cyber criminals and jex hackers have now begun to share their knowledge and utilize their expertise to many valuable things such as penetration testing. 

Pentest Malaysia

Penetration conductors assist businesses and companies to detect and solve security weak spots giving impact to their digital devices and computer systems.There are some pentester that are permanently hired as a intertenal cybersecurity or information technology (IT) department.Companies and business that associates with confidential, volatile, private and aptly data are more likely to have a penetration testers.  Some companies highly focus on the pen tester candidates that are more experienced and have the skill than the certification and educational background. But majority of the time, pen testers are evaluated based on their educational background like master and bachelor of degree in computer science, IT, cybersecurity and many more majors.

Penetration testers most of the time are confused with vulnerability testing.  Penetration conductors usually focus on detecting problems and issues in an existing computer system while vulnerability testers search for problems and vulnerabilities in a security program’s design. Penetration testing teams imitate cybercrimes and security breaches to agin private, and sensitive datas. Those penetration testers use hacking devices and procedures.  

Why Use Penetration Testing

Usually, we tend to not really emphasize and misjudge the fact that the new high technologies can bring us risky business to deal with, especially when it comes to businesses that are utilizing digital platforms for their business performance. The risk that we are talking about is hackers attacking the computer system to exploit the weak points that are within the IT base. The chances of hackers quickly taking control of your IT infrastructure is extremely high once they have the slightest chance to get access to your internal network.

By alleviating the risk and avoiding security and the cost of a cyber-attack incident, we have to take precautions to detect, prevent, and recover from any attempts. We have to ensure that we compensate the software, weak spots, and by conducting a regular security assessment to find out any problems or issues within the system. It’s no guarantee that this method is fully safe or reliable but having a systematic method on how to identify the root cause can help to resolve the problem.

Risk Management

The reason why penetration testing has to be done in order to provide a viewpoint into the risk management of your organization and detect the vulnerabilities your organization is exposed to and the after effect. Risk management should encompass vital goals and objectives that have to be achieved so that they can secure your business. 

Regulation and Compliance

In risk management, you will be able to detect the impact of not following or obeying certain regulations if you don’t conduct a penetration test on your products. There are fines that you have to pay for if you are dismayed by the regulations and may have chances of losing the license to operate your organization and worse case jail time.

It is crucial for your consultation with legalization to get on hold with the local laws and confirm that your business agrees to those regulations. In order to protect and secure their citizen privacy, regulators from many countries are executing strict data privacy laws, paying more attention to data privacy.


When your company’s data and information gets violated and gets exposed it will ruin the company’s image. Your company will also lose all the current and potential clients and may lead to a decline in the revenue and profit. Investors will be worried and stressed over the matters and this will affect the company’s share price. The effect of an information breach will increment massively that might cause critical misfortune to the company.

Competition and Rivalry

The worst case is when the company loses all the data and information, specifically concerning your rival companies, it will turn out to be a catastrophe. It is easy for the company’s competitors to get the data and information of your company indirectly, not seeming like they were the ones conducting these cyber attempts.

This hacker or cyber attackers show pride in their victory. Where they will expose your company’s information to the public websites or sell it to the dark web in cryptocurrencies form. And it is hard to know from which of these two possible sites your rival companies get your company’s data. 

Methods Of Penetration testing

Strategic and Compositing

It is very crucial to have planned on penetration as it is one of the keys to success. Since there are many ways of conducting and performing a pen test,  it is important to strategize the company’s objective and auditing properly in order to reach the goal that has been set and get profits from this method.

A company has to revitalize and revamp an attempt as an external testing or internal testing where it triggers the criminal from inside.  Security needs to be full knowledge about the concept of the pen test and when it is about to be performed. The company can also proactively identify the productiveness in the conduct. The sort of information and data and proportion of those to let pen testers know. And lastly, the extent of raw and hostile pen testers should be allowed.


After coming out with a strategy and compositing, penetration testing can be conducted. The pen testing team will be able to investigate the targets.  Data such as IP addresses are able to identify information and details of firewalls and other engagement. On a more narrow target point of view, information such as names, job position and email addresses can be a good cost. Perpetrators are able to utilize this information to redirect emails to discover the person that is in charge in which they would get the overall credibility. PLus pen testers focus on finding the weak spot in the system. Basically, pen testers will be collecting and assembling information of the system, networks and the main system without making it obvious.

The Penetration Conducts and Attainable 

After recognizing the targets, pen test conductors can start utilizing the newly found spots, experimenting with all the vulnerabilities they detect. Pen testers will try to enter the targeted spot through detecting the entry points. Pen testers will also do more than just attempting to get access. Pentesters will estimate their access concessions within the surroundings once they are in a stabilized system.

This enables those conductors to take any further precautions. Getting authorized access allows pen testers to detect any security vulnerabilities in other regions, like impoverished arrangements, unsecure access to private data, or inactive management of domains and passwords. Plus there are several forms of benefits that can be conducted. And finally, the assertion networks and connections system and workplace that has potential weak spots such as mobile devices, web applications, and even security cameras will be tested.

Surveys And Reports

Pen Test conductors should be able to note down every single move and steps they do during the performance of penetration testing and identifying processes. And they have to build a report that incorporates analysis and surveys that guide the future process after the test has been ended. Pen test services need to give the highest importance solutions that the company has to take in charge of as soon as possible and other curative steps.


Pen testers can also leave behind traces same as the hackers, thus is it vital to track back through the computer system and detach any reminder used while performing penetration testing, because that could lead to another potential iniquities act. After all this is completed, the company can go back on their business of remediating the security weak spots that have been detected and given significance in the penetration testing conductions. This can be done by adding reimbursement security in place to secure weak points that are not easily solved and even discovering new remedies that can strengthen the security and upgrade productivity.


Penetration should be done often and frequently, specifically when new applications have been installed. Although the company has reassured that every weakness point has been resolved, the one way to maintain and ensure the solutions are successful is to conduct another test again. This is due to the constant developments in IT systems, that new vulnerabilities have potential to appear.

Stages Of Penetration Testing

Pentest Malaysia Stages

Planning and Reconnaissance 

In the first stage, pen testers identify the range and the objective of the test, consisting of the structure to be detected and the methods to be utilized. Collecting brain power such as domain names to recognize the way a target functions and the possible weakness.


This stage tries to acknowledge the format that the target application utilizes to retort to all kinds of obstructions and interference. Usually, scanning will be done by utilizing two components, first is a static analysis where there will be a test on the application’s code to evaluate the behavior of it while it is running. These tools can scan the whole code in a single scan. The second component is dynamic analysis, where testing an application’s code while it is going on. This is counted to be a more technical way of scanning, and this gives the initial time references into application conduction.

Gaining Access

In these stages, there are several required web applications that have to be utilized such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection to reveal a possible weak spot. Conductors will then make use and attain the weakness, by enhancing the leverages, looting information, interrupting conversions and many more to recognize the impact they have given. 

Maintaining Access

The main objective here is to distinguish the weakness that can be utilized to get a resoluting presence in detecting and attaining the system,  not too long before a real bad attacker gets the access. The goal is to mimic potential attacks that are always in the system for months to be able to loot a company’s private information.

Analysis and WAF configuration

The outcome of the penetration testing is gathered into a report  that informs detailed weaknesses that are attained, volatile and delicate information that was estimated and the time frame taken for a pentester to remain unrecognized in the system. 

Types Of Penetration Testing 

Open Box Penetration Testing

The  pen test conductor will offer data and sources  in advance  about the target company’s security information and details.

Closed Box Penetration Testing 

In this the hackers have no further information or details except for the name of the targeted company. Closed Box Pen test is also known as the ‘single-blind’ test.

Covert Penetration Testing 

Covert testing is where none of the workers or employees has the knowledge that there are penetration testing conducted, this incorporates IT and the security team that would be retorting the attempts and attacks. It is crucial for the pen test experts to have details and information of the test in advance to prevent any legal issues.

External Penetration Testing

The ethical hackers aim on the company’s website and external network server in the external testing. It is demonstrated by conducting the test in a remote area or conducting the test in a truck or van. 

 Internal Penetration Testing

The hackers here conduct the test from the company’s interior network, this is very vital in identifying the amount of impact an employee can leave behind in the company’s firewall.

Here are 5 types of penetration testing you can get in Malaysia, and where to find them! 

1. Network Penetration Testing 

Network penetration testing is perhaps the most common type of penetration testing out there. As per what it’s name suggests, this penetration testing often involves the hacking and testing of your network itself, to gauge for potential weaknesses that could be exploited by outside parties to gain access. 

Network penetration testing can either be internal (from the perspective of a hacker who has already gained network access) or external (from the perspective of a hacker who has not yet gained access but is trying to). 

e-Lock Corporation Sdn Bhd 

e-Lock Corporation Sdn Bhd is among Malaysia’s leading penetration testing experts. With 22 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, they provide a comprehensive assessment of your network security through both internal and external means, and ensure that important network applications such as your firewall are regularly reviewed for potential weakness. Their pen-testing approaches include black-box testing. 

On top of network pen testing, e-Lock corporation also offers security assessment for web applications, mobile applications, and phishing among more. 

In short: 

  • 22 years experience in cybersecurity 
  • External and Internal penetration testing 
  • Blackbox approach 
  • Security assessment for web apps, mobile apps, and phishing 

2. Wireless Penetration Testing 

Wireless penetration testing tests the security of any wireless devices your business may have hooked up to your wireless network. Again, this form of penetration testing checks for any weakness in the wireless connection, in order to better secure and minimize the possibility of unauthorized access through the wireless communications channel. 

Common wireless devices include smartphones, laptops, tablets, and IoT devices in the workspace.

LGMS Penetration Testing Expert 

LGMS Penetration Testing Expert prides itself on being the first cybersecurity company in Malaysia to be rewarded the UK CREST-accreditation, and therefore excels in the field of penetration testing. Of their wireless pen testing services, they carry out processes such as low-level assessment of public area wireless network AP configuration, rogue access point discovery, and emulations of denial of service and brute force attacks on your wireless network. 

Not to mention, LGMS also provides compliance services for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), and also offers pen testing in avenues such as web apps, mobile apps, and intelligence led pen testing among others. 

In short:

  • CREST-accredited 
  • Public wireless network AP configuration assessment (low-level) 
  • Rogue access point discovery 
  • Emulation of denial of service and brute force attack on wireless network 
  • Compliance services for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) 
  • Also offers web app, mobile app, and intelligence led pen testing 

3. Social Engineering Penetration Testing 

Unlike most of the pen testing types on this list, social engineering penetration testing is distinct in that it tests the effectiveness of human actors in the cybersecurity network. In other words, social engineering pen testing sometimes involves having the hackers engage with human employees, and induce them through certain surreptitious and/or manipulative means to give up sensitive business information. 

Social engineering penetration testing, in it’s testing of human actors, provides a more comprehensive penetration testing to your overall business security by taking into account external defensive factors and access points outside of cyberspace. 


The Wizlynx group is a well-established cybersecurity company that operates across the Asia Pacific, and boasts a CREST accreditation as well as numerous other certifications. Their social engineering pen testing service covers a wide variety of possible access points, and helps you comprehensively determine weaknesses in your social security network. 

Of these access points, Wizlynx’s pen testing encompasses email (attachments, website mirroring, hyperlinks, file download) and voice phishing, staff impersonation, and USB drops – all conducted via a three-phase process of careful research and execution. 

In short:

  • CREST-accredited and -certified 
  • Email (Attachments, Website Mirroring, Hyperlinks, File Download) & Call Phishing 
  • Staff Impersonation 
  • USB Drop 
  • Three-phase Social Engineering Pen-Testing (Reconnaisance & Planning. Execution, Reporting) 
  • Also offers pen testing in web applications, network, mobile applications, and wireless networks

4. Web Application Penetration Testing 

Web application penetration testing involves breaking in and testing the security of web applications. Web app pen testing often checks for weaknesses in pontentially poorly developed web applications, such as potential data leaks, faulty authentication and access, or other such vulnerabilities that may be exploited by hackers to gain access to sensitive information. 

Considering the popularity of day-to-day web apps, such as Google Apps and even social media like Facebook, preserving the security of business web applications therefore becomes an important priority. 

Condition Zebra 

Condition Zebra is an award-winning cybersecurity company in Malaysia, with official accreditation from CREST and 14 years of expertise in the industry. Their web application pen testing helps distinguish vulnerabilities in web software, and tests areas such as user authentication, cross-site scripting, web browser configurations, and web- and server database security to ensure adequate web app security is maintained. 

In addition to their web app pen testing, Condition Zebra also provides penetration testing services for networks, wireless devices, thick client, host assessment, mobile, and database. 

In short: 

  • CREST-accredited 
  • 14 years of experience in IT 
  • Testing for user authentication, cross-site scripting, web browser configurations, and web- and server database security 
  • Also provides pen testing for network, wireless, thick client, host assessment, mobile, and database

5. Mobile Application Penetration Testing 

Mobile application penetration testing concerns the security testing of certain mobile apps. Much like web applications, mobile applications may be quite susceptible to malicious hacking and tampering due to faults in development, or even the nefarious goals of the developers themselves. Either way, these can leave users and their data particularly vulnerable to cyber attack. 

In this sense, mobile application penetration testing is crucial to determining the security of the mobile application, identifying weaknesses, and ensuring all users are as safe in cyberspace as they can be. 

iFactory Solutions Sdn Bhd 

Leveraging 13 years of experience in the industry, iFactory Solutions is a local IT company with specializations in system development, testing services, and mobile apps and web service. Among their large array of relevant development and testing services, they provide mobile application penetration testing to determine the reliability of well-used mobile applications, including apps in Android, iOS, and Windows. 

Specifically, their mobile app pen testing assesses areas such as data leakage and storage, authentication, endpoint security, and much more. 

In short: 

  • 13 years of experience 
  • System development and testing services in mobile applications and web service 
  • Pen testing for data leakage and storage, authentication, and endpoint security among more. 
  • Assesses mobile apps in Android, iOS, and Windows 
  • Pen testing services for web application as well 

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