Top 10 Fast-Food Restaurants That Used to Exist in Malaysia

Malaysia is also home to fast-food restaurants. If you’re hungry and cannot wait in line for some good food, you have a variety of fast-food restaurants to choose from. However, plenty of those restaurants have stopped their operations due to a variety of reasons. If you have been wondering why your favorite fast-food suddenly closed, here’s why:

  1. Wendy’s Suria  KLLC

If you are craving the delicious and juicy burgers that Wendy’s restaurant offers, you can no longer taste its goodness since the famous restaurant closed its doors to the masses in March 2019. 

Rumors have it the franchisor decided not to push through with the franchise renewal contract. Sad news to those who miss the fast-food restaurant’s signature Beefanator, Chicken Mushroom Melt, and Spicy Chicken Sensation.

  1. Hartz Chicken Buffet

Almost every fast food restaurant originated in the United States, and one of them is Hartz Chicken Buffet. They first came to Malaysia in the year 1990. They offered chicken cooked in different ways such as grilled, roasted, fried, and many others. 

Not only that, but they also offered a wide variety of other dishes such as pasta, salad, coleslaw, etc. Of course, they also had something to satisfy your sweet tooth. You could choose from their cakes, pies, and ice cream.

Over time, the quality of food and service offered by the fast-food restaurant suddenly depreciated that resulted in fewer customers. They soon closed their doors to the masses.

  1. Ninja Joe

Ninja Joe claims to be Malaysia’s number 1 non-halal fast-food brand. They also pride themselves on the food they serve, saying that their food has no added preservatives, artificial flavoring, and MSG.

Ninja Joe served a variety of different burgers such as Big Boss, Sloppy Joe, Brucely, BLT Sandwich, and many more. However, Ninja Joe faced a backlash from the Muslim Community when they named their new menu addition as P.Ramly.

  1. Shakey’s Pizza

Who doesn’t love a pizza fresh from the oven? Shakey’s Pizza used to reign the streets of Malaysia as it was the first fast-food restaurant to offer pizza. Their menu had a variety of mouth-watering selections such as thin-crust and hand-tossed pizzas with flavors like Pizza Castellana, Angus Steakhouse, Vegetarian, Pepperoni, Hawaiian Delight, and many more.

However, competition between restaurants like Pizza Hut became imminent. In order to continue serving the masses, Shakey’s Pizza then merged with Domino’s, which led to the closing of all its branches.

  1. Tutti Frutti

Fast-food restaurants aren’t restricted to savory dishes, some restaurants also offer sweets as their main dish. Tutti Frutti offered a wide range of fruity goodness to satisfy people’s cravings for fruits and frozen yogurt also known as froyo. They were known for offering delicious foods infused with yogurts such as the Magic Bite, Frutti Waffles, Signature Waffles, Tutti Frutti Sets, and many different flavors.

People loved Tutti Frutti, but Tutti Frutti seemed to have not their standards when making their famous froyo. People began to notice this resulting in the loss of their customers.

  1. Johnny Rockets

Wendy’s isn’t the only fast-food known for its burgers. Johnny Rockets first opened its doors in Malaysia in the year 2013. People started to take notice of this restaurant because of its different theme: retro vibes in the ’50s. 

The menu they offer also took the attention of the people. The food they offer includes thirst-quenching milkshakes and burgers such as Smoke House, Rocket, Bacon Cheddar, Route 66, and other fine selections.

The reason for their closure is not known to the public.

  1. Long John Silver’s

Along with other fast-food restaurants that existed in Malaysia, one of them is the Long John Silver’s that was welcomed there in the year 2000. They offered foods that were available in various quantities such as platters, meals, combos, and family meals.

The food they offered was quite different from other fast-food restaurants. Their main star was fish, being that they are a seafood chain. Not only that, but they also served shrimp, chicken, seafood salad, clam chowder, and many more.

However, the seafood chain faced backlash after its patrons learned about what oil they use, which was trans-fat. Not long after, Long John Silver did not recover from the decline in sales.

  1. White Castle

KFC and McDonald’s seems to be on top of the fast-food restaurants in Malaysia. But long before they existed, there was White Castle. Unlike other burgers, theirs were square-shaped and known as sliders.

Among the scrumptious flavor in their menu were the Original Slider, Bacon Slider, Double Cheese Slider, Chicken Breast Slider, and many others. 

Sliders were smaller compared to the standard burger that we know. This might have been the reason why people preferred other fast-food restaurants. Fewer customers meant fewer sales for White Castle.

  1. Grandy’s

Just like White Castle, Grandy’s is a fast-food restaurant that also served seafood. They have many options like the Catfish Meal, Butterfly Shrimp Meal, Spicy Popcorn Shrimp Meal and others.

However, their menu was not limited to that. They also served Southwestern Grilled Chicken, Double Country Steak Meal, and other choices to choose from.

After many years, the fast-food restaurant that people came to love was purchased by Captain D’s. Not long after, many of the restaurant’s branches weren’t able to comply with the health protocols that led to the closure of its doors.

  1. Popeyes

If you are confused about who serves the best chicken, throw Popeyes in the mix, and decide. They offered chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, cajun, chicken rice bow, fish rice bowl, fish sandwiches, and desserts such as tiramisu, strawberry cheesecake, and chocolate surprise.

There was no concrete reason known to the public as to why they closed their doors. However, it is possible that the competition between other fast-food restaurants is the underlying reason


Some of these restaurants just bring back the memories that you had as a kid, and if it is possible to bring them back to serve the food you used to love, why not? 

However, business closure isn’t inevitable in the food industry. Something unique and new always comes out that other restaurants cannot compete with. Nevertheless, you can’t help but miss some of the good food you used to enjoy.

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